Stuffed Bun Chocolate Mini (stuffed)


Diet Type: Veg

Test Type: Sweet

Best Upto: 3 Days, After production

Packaging Details: 25g, 6No

Ingredients: Ref WheatFlour, Sugar, Water, Salt, Butter, W.chocolate, Yeast, CP, Gluten, Bread imp.,

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It is ready to eat bun and is filled with chocolate.

Why should you buy from us?

Bake Junction products are made to order. It is made from scratch for you only after your order is confirmed and hence healthy.
Only bakery which writes date and time of production to ensure you get oven fresh products, unlike competition which writes USE BEFORE DATE, where you are not sure as to when was the product produced.

How to buy at discounted price?

The more early you order, the more discounts you get (up to 25% in some of the products).
No cancellation charges apply when you cancel the order, unless your order has moved into production and we have actually started working on that.

Usually your order moves into production 12-18 hrs, before delivery time of the order, irrespective of how early you order. Few products are moved into production early as it takes more time to produce. You get notified in your application (status changes from Processing to Production). You also get notification via SMS.

Health benefits:

Bake Junction products are healthy, fibre enriched and aids digestion. It is made with fresh ingredients and tends to go bad fast compared to other competitive product in market (As we use negligible preservatives). Store in Refrigerated condition in air tight containers if not using immediately. Use of artificial colours, flavour and preservatives are avoided.


Selling Price = Discounted price (Depending upon how early you order) + 18%GST

Ordering time:

At least 20 hr. before delivery slot you choose on deliver date.
We will still try to accommodate where ever sufficient time is not given to our best extent, however consider that products are exclusively made for you on your order. Making fresh product from scratch will certainly take some time.


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